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The word ‘Brahmacharya’ (Brahman+Charya=Soul+Follow) indicates a lifestyle adapted to enable one to obtain the ultimate reality. Brahmacharya has two main meanings. In the broad sense it means control of the senses. More specifically it refers to celibacy or chastity. The more broad definition of brahmacharya also includes conduct that leads to the realization of the Self, or Soul, and contemplation on Soul.

Way to practice?

Many people mistakenly believe that practicing brahmacharya means suppression of the natural sexual instincts. Suppression is not what is wanted, because anything that is suppressed will eventually be released with redoubled force when an opportunity arises, the will becomes weak or when practice slackens.

The proper way to practice brahmacharya is to sublimate these natural urges into Ojas by a strong yoga practice that includes meditation, asanas, pranayama, mantras, prayers and reading of scriptures or yogic texts. Contrary to some popular ideas and incorrect psychological beliefs…

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