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Are you a Trusted Leader?

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Emerson said, ?Every great institution is the lengthened shadow of a single man. Their character determines the character of the organization.? (today we would say ?person? instead of man but the point remains the same)

So how would you answer the following two questions? Are you the person in your organization that Emerson was talking about? If you are then is your integrity always above reproach? By the way, I should probably point out that you either have integrity all the time or you don’t have integrity at any time. Integrity is not a part time job.

If your integrity is indeed above reproach then you have the opportunity to lead others, really lead.Maybe before you answer those two questions you should consider a little research:Only 45% of 400 managers in a Carnegie-Mellon survey believed their top management was always truthful; a third distrusted their immediate bosses.Current research says that…

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