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Are you in Control? Really?

Lead Today

So, you?re the boss! You?re the one in charge! You?re in Control! The buck always stops with you! Well?not exactly.

When you’re at or near the top of your organization you have lots of influence, but you don’t control all that much. You don’t control your peoples’ attitudes. You can help them motivate themselves but if they don?t want to be motivated then their motivation is beyond your control. You can?t control what they think. You might be able to prevent them from saying something but you cannot prevent them from thinking it.

Somewhere along the way to achieving your leadership position someone might have told you that leadership, or being “the boss” is about being in charge and being in control. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that you can’t make much of anything happen by yourself. In fact, all you can control with any…

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