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The Flames of Discontent

Lead Today

The most successful people know that good enough really isn?t. In fact, they know that good enough is just a mirage and accepting anything as ?good enough? merely puts you on the path to mediocrity.

Tony Gwynn, the San Diego Padres Baseball great said that the minute you?re satisfied with where you?re at you?re not there anymore. In that same vein, the second you believe what you?ve done is good enough it isn?t.

Authentic Leaders do not accept good enough from themselves or their people. They fan the flames of constructive discontent until the desire for improvement burns hotter than the comfort of the current.

Those leaders take a humble pride in their accomplishments but ensure their future success by realizing that they can do better. They drive towards continual continuous improvement and bring their people and organization along for the ride.

Introspection is a key for constructively discontented leaders…

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