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Lessons Learned From A Fire

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I have been MIA for almost two weeks now due to a horrific event that happened in my city of Santa Rosa in Sonoma California on the night of October 8th. A wildfire like there has never been before in California broke out in our city on Sunday night along with 70 mile an hour winds.

You can Google pictures and articles online if you want to see what devastation has occurred in several counties in Northern California from these wildfires. By the time the sun was rising on Monday morning hundreds of homes were burned to the ground, neighborhoods were gone.

The story I want to share with you is about my experience upon being evacuated. Our home backs a State Park which was burning, but we had time to pack our cars and take what belongings we wanted out of danger. As I walked through my home…

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Learning for Life

Lead Today

The most successful people learn something new almost every single day. They never stop, their level of success, their age, their already substantial wealth of knowledge does not stop them from learning more.

In all of history there has never been an easier time to learn something new than right now. The internet alone is a vast and ever growing source of knowledge. Google estimates there are currently 637 million websites and 250 million blogs. The depth of human knowledge has never been so easy to find and transfer from one person to another. Now, it’s important to keep in mind that not everything you see and hear on the internet is true. I know that might be hard for some people to believe but the fact that not everything on the internet is true is one fact that is most certainly true.

There are certainly other sources that are…

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Always be Learning

Lead Today

Successful people learn something new almost every single day. The most successful people use what they learn.

Never in the history of humanity has it been easier to learn. Information is everywhere.

New data suggests that 1.2 Zettabytes of information (1.3 trillion gigabytes) is now stored in cyberspace ? which amounts to 339 miles of fully-loaded iPads stacked to the sky.

The information base is growing so quickly that researchers say a state of ?persistent uncertainty? exists and that there are no exact numbers, only educated guesses. So I guess it could be 340 miles of iPads.

Now, there is one tiny little caveat; not everything you find on the internet is true. I know that may come as a shock to some people but the fact that not everything on the internet is true is in fact actually true. But still, there is a ton of valuable information available…

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What I Learned from a Millennial

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I am often, some would say too often, surprised at how much I have to learn. I?m also often surprised at who I learn it from.

Such was the case a couple of weeks ago when I was doing a presentation I called ?Selling Through the Generations.? The focus was on the differences of selling to the various generations with a particular focus on selling to millennials.

Usually when I?m presenting to a group I try to know more about my subject than my audience. If that?s not possible I at least try to help the group use what they know if a more effective way. This group was unique in that there were 7 or 8 millennials mixed in and I had no doubt that they knew more, way more in fact, about being millennials than I ever could.

But I was really just presenting information that came from…

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The Flames of Discontent

Lead Today

The most successful people know that good enough really isn?t. In fact, they know that good enough is just a mirage and accepting anything as ?good enough? merely puts you on the path to mediocrity.

Tony Gwynn, the San Diego Padres Baseball great said that the minute you?re satisfied with where you?re at you?re not there anymore. In that same vein, the second you believe what you?ve done is good enough it isn?t.

Authentic Leaders do not accept good enough from themselves or their people. They fan the flames of constructive discontent until the desire for improvement burns hotter than the comfort of the current.

Those leaders take a humble pride in their accomplishments but ensure their future success by realizing that they can do better. They drive towards continual continuous improvement and bring their people and organization along for the ride.

Introspection is a key for constructively discontented leaders…

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What are you really looking at?

Infinite Living

Peeping thru the leaves - starburst at dawn - Kala Pathar beach - Havelock - 1F8A1073 “Peeping through the leaves” by Atanu Chakraborty

There’s an empty glass of water sitting on the counter. It is broken. It is holding together but it has been shattered and has cracks going all direction. I look at it and see just that and nothing else …a piece of broken glass.

If you try to think of a situation or event in life that might have shattered your intact way of being …what do you really think of ? A situation that has cracked your core and wounded you open in places? Or something that has been bothering you very much since yesterday or last week? The broken glass probably doesn’t really represent anything to you. Life is perfect …except that this person, yesterday or last week, did not behave well, had a wrong attitude, did not do exactly like you expected or even deserved. My glass is as intact as…

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On Well-Being: Striving to Be Your Best Self

8 Toxic Thoughts You Deserve to Let Go Of

How to Break Out of Unhappiness


On the signup page for our weekly loveletter, we gave you an opportunity to share what types of articles and advice your most interested in. ‘Happiness’ was the number one response by an overwhelming majority. This suggests most of us HerAfter readers are seeking happiness, but not experiencing it yet. Thus, to have an honest appraisal of happiness in an individual’s life (where it comes from, how to create it) we’re going to have to talk about what happiness isn’t, what causes unhappiness.

Unhappiness and depression are different, but we at HerAfter believe it’s of vital importance to create a dialogue about depression without it’s previous stigmas, especially for those who’ve endured a great obstacle such as cancer or other major experience.
Last year, I shared an article about finding purpose in depression. It was a heartfelt attempt at letting other cancer survivors know that depression after…

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4 Signs You Aren’t Living Your Purpose


The idea of living your purpose might be a motivating force, but how can you tell if you are? Purpose comes in many forms: it presents itself in the moment, as opportunities to bring light and joy to the people and situations immediately around you. It unfolds in longer spans of time, defining periods of your life and your personal growth through challenges overcome and ambitions realized. And lastly, it is written through the story of your entire existence, through every word and action into a narrative that describes the individual, unique and compelling difference only you can create.

I believe in embracing challenge as the ultimate opportunity for growth and evolution; I believe that struggle teaches us more than success, and so I believe that any hardship is a chance to awaken and become bigger, better and stronger. I realize that’s much easier said than done, but it’s also much easier…

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