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What Were You Thinking?

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Most people just don?t think about what they are thinking. They think something and then react to that thought with no additional thinking.

That?s where stereotypes come from. That?s where misconceptions come from. That?s where poor judgment comes from. It?s also where failure comes from.

Most successful people are not all that surprised by their success. They thought they could succeed and they set about doing it. Most people who could be described as less successful are not all that surprised by their lack of success either. There was, at least in the back of their mind, a thought that no matter what they did they really couldn?t succeed.

Their actions followed those thoughts.

I?ve always heard that it?s very important to ?make a good first impression.? People say ?you only get one chance to make a good first impression.? I understand that but as I grow older I thinkā€¦

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