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How Children Naturally Learn

Creative by Nature


In order for educational settings to be successful they need to be aligned with how children naturally learn.Children’s innate curiosity, enthusiasm, creativity, playfulness, individuality, imaginativeness, resourcefulness, social intelligence, and love of learning need to be respected and supported.

This isn’t rocket science, it’s just basic wise parenting and effective teaching. Most of us have helped children develop skills and learn informally, before they went off to school. And all of us mastered skills on our own, so this is something we understand intuitively.

apprenticeshipFor tens of thousands of years our ancestors learned from their parents, aunts, uncles and members of the local community. Apprenticeship relationships and cooperative learning is how humans learn naturally, instructed by skilled elders, friends, parents, neighbors, artisans and peers.

Teaching and learning has always been a part of human communities, usually through instruction by elders, one-to-one tutorship, apprenticeships, creative community activities and small group instructional situations.

Down through the…

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