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You Can Bring The Joy!

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Motivational speaker and teacher, Brendon Burchard, always is talking about the need for us to “Bring the Joy” to each situation.  It is our choice in how we behave, and if we choose to bring joy we will not only transform our life, we will change the lives of those we touch.

Below is a clip from one of Brendon’s blog post along with a link to a short video where Brendon teaches about bringing the joy.

Have you noticed all the negativity in the world right now?

“Well what are you going to do about it? Will you drown in other’s pools of pessimism? Or will you take responsibility for the energy you are experiencing in life?

You have an opportunity (and responsibility) to bring positivity and good energy into the world. Here’s how to do it with intention:

1. Learn to Cue Happiness
2. Find the Humor

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