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The High Cost of Low Action

Lead Today

Few things grow as effortlessly as a problem ignored. Yet many times that?s just what less experienced leaders do, they ignore problems. Truth be told, very experienced leaders have been known to make this mistake as well.

It?s an easy trap to fall into.They tell themselves ?It?s not so bad? and delude themselves with the hope that their circumstances will somehow just get better over time and things will ?work themselves out.? They come up with poor excuses for why staying with the status quo is a good option; why playing it safe and not putting themselves at risk of failing or looking foolish is ?plausible.?

In reality, things that aren?t working out well now only tend to get worse over time, not better, and issues that remain unaddressed tend to grow larger, not smaller.

Some people won?t even admit the problem exists in the first place. Others ?decide? the…

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