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Everyone Needs Encouragement

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This post has a pretty simple title. I?m hoping that everyone who reads this knows that unarguable fact.

Knowing it isn?t enough. If you?re a leader you must actually provide encouragement to your people. Consistent, planned and very intentional encouragement. Now, before you say that you ?do that all the time? stop for a moment and think. Think about the last time you actually stopped long enough to truly focus on someone else and provide them with meaningful encouragement.

How long has it actually been?

If you?re thinking that ?nice work? or ?keep it up? or ?way to go? is actually encouragement then I would suggest that you need to change your thinking. Passing someone in the hall and tossing a ?nice job? their way is not encouragement. It?s not a compliment and it most certainly doesn?t pass muster as a sincere Thank You.

Actual encouragement is the act of…

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