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Hope is Not a Plan

Cory Galbraith


For years, my business and life plans were based on hope.

I would expect a miracle to happen. I was going to win the lottery, a long lost rich uncle would die and leave me his fortune, or a huge corporation would discover me and hire me.

But it became apparent that “hope” was not an effective plan.

I plunged into despair, depression and poverty – and grew angry at the universe for betraying me. Why can’t I ever get a break? Why do I always lose? And why are others enjoying the prosperity that so eludes me?

These were the questions I asked daily.

It seems the more frustrated I got, the less likely hope was ever going to work.

I was not alone in my “hope” life plan. Millions of others, then, and today – use hope as their plan, whether they are willing to admit it, or…

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