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Hope is Not a Plan

Cory Galbraith


For years, my business and life plans were based on hope.

I would expect a miracle to happen. I was going to win the lottery, a long lost rich uncle would die and leave me his fortune, or a huge corporation would discover me and hire me.

But it became apparent that “hope” was not an effective plan.

I plunged into despair, depression and poverty – and grew angry at the universe for betraying me. Why can’t I ever get a break? Why do I always lose? And why are others enjoying the prosperity that so eludes me?

These were the questions I asked daily.

It seems the more frustrated I got, the less likely hope was ever going to work.

I was not alone in my “hope” life plan. Millions of others, then, and today – use hope as their plan, whether they are willing to admit it, or…

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Coaching to Get Out of Your Own Way

Blanchard LeaderChat

When an organization invests in coaching for their leaders, it is often because they want to move the leader from “almost ready” to “ready now” on promotion lists. In many of these situations, the coaches are asked to help the leaders improve and increase specific skills or develop and deploy underutilized strengths.

Basically, skill acquisition of the new and the better is expected by the sponsoring organization.

But what executive coaches have always known is what Ken Blanchard and Renee Broadwell zero in on in their new book, Servant Leadership in Action: leaders need support to look at what they need to eliminate from their behavior. This radical assessment is a critical first thing to address on the path to effective leadership.

In examining the impediments to true leadership, Blanchard states that the essential problem is the leader’s ego, and a preoccupation with how one is perceived. Specifically…

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Don’t Let Your Ego Stop You from Becoming a Servant Leader

Blanchard LeaderChat

More than 6,300 people have registered for our Servant Leadership in Action Livecast coming up on February 28.

That’s a lot of people!

I think the event is popular because people recognize we are in desperate need of a new leadership model—one that recognizes that people lead best when they serve first.

(For more information about the Livecast, keep reading.)

We have all seen the negative impact of self-serving leader behaviors. So why does this type of leadership continue to be so prevalent in today’s organizations?

In my experience, self-focused leadership is always caused by an overactive ego—one that is driven by comparative feelings of being either more than or less than others. Once you fall into one of these traps, you spend your time trying to either prove how smart you are or win the favor and approval of others.

One of my favorite books on this topic is

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Successful Supervisor 66 The Mediator Role

Every supervisor is called upon to play the role of mediator between two parties who are having agreement problems. The severity of the problem will vary based on the specific circumstances and the people involved.

If we think about the extremes, a mild situation might be helping resolve an argument about a machine cleaning process between individuals working on a team, while a severe situation may involve physical threats where one or both of the parties may be in real danger or are facing termination.

For inexperienced supervisors, it is always best to err on the side of caution and have additional resources ready to assist if needed. It may not be appropriate to have a security person in the room with the people who are arguing, but it might be wise to have one in an adjacent room on call in the event of escalating rancor.

In the interest…

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Procrastination, Is There A Cure?

Practical Practice Management

Are you constantly behind on your work or projects? Do you have a messy desk with several little stacks on it? Is there never enough time to finish all you have to get done? If they answer is yes, you could be suffering from procrastination.

I am sure you remember that old saying “don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today?”  For some people putting things off until tomorrow, the next day or the next is just a way of life, personally and professionally.

An interesting fact about people who suffer from procrastination is that they are not born that way. Procrastination is learned. It is difficult, but if one wants to stop there is something you can do.

There is no magic wand to wave to overcome procrastination, but if you begin to take small steps your life will be much different and the people you work…

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let That flow…

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

You are extensions of Source Energy. And when you allow that pure Source Energy to flow through you, you are so bright and beautiful; your timing is good; and you feel vital and alive in your body. And as others see you, they wonder what your magic is. But it only seems like magic because it is experienced by so few. It isn’t magic. It is available to everyone. But you must allow your alignment…

~ Abraham Hicks

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One Source…

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

Consciousness is the single field of intelligence that governs and sustains the whole of existence; it is the unseen, core DNA of the cosmos. Our source code is the fundamental building block of everything that exists; both predating and outliving space, time and matter…

~ Anon I mus

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