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“We all know how good we’ve become—but we don’t know how good we could be,” says Mark Sanborn in his new book, The Potential Principle“Almost all people have a desire to get better—but only 30% have a plan.”

That’s wishful thinking, says Sanborn.

Sanborn recommends that people practice “positive discontent” in their lives and says that life gets interesting when you ask yourself, “How much better could I be?”

He offers four reasons for getting started sooner rather than later:

  1. Change: If you stay the same, you get left behind
  2. Customers: The more you do, the more they expect—you have to keep improving
  3. Competitors: They keep getting better—you need to, also
  4. Capability: It gives you a chance to offer more to the world

Sanborn discusses his Potential Matrix, which focuses on both your inner world and your outer world. In the outer world you have performing and learning. …

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