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Compass Leadership: Creating a Circle of Success

Is General Schwarzkopf referring only to military strategy? No! The General’s comment refers to anyone and any strategy. Without a strong set of core values, one’s plan of action will be unrestrained, never a thought any value system. Recent history is replete with examples of actions and behaviors toward material rewards without a serious thought of any moral and ethical standard.

But, is it always only about morals and ethics. Leadership authors and professionals tell us that Core Values encompasses several other leadership traits and behaviors.

Maybe it is time for a review of Core Values, its origin, principles and ideals. So what are Core Values, and what is the make-up of these personal guidelines? Why do leaders exhibit amoral and immoral behaviors, knowing of the high moral standards of society?

The derivative ideal of morals and ethics is the Natural Law, which as Aristotle points out in his Nicomachean…

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