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Okay, so let me begin by acknowledging that I?m likely to offend some long-time salespeople. There will be other people who think that ?it?s just a word? so what does it matter.

To the first group I?d say get over it, if you?re that easily offended then your success in sales will always be limited. To the second group I?d say if you think ?it?s just a word? then think also of all the times ?just a word? changed your attitude, changed your thinking, and maybe changed your level of success. Words matter!

The word I?m writing about today is ?pitch.?

A pitch might be the legal delivery of a baseball by a pitcher. It could be the slope of a roof. Sometimes it?s the quality of a sound governed by the rate of vibrations producing it. My personal favorite use of the word pitch is a high approach shot…

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