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Deeparathanai for Mahaperiyava

Sri Rajagopala Mama is a highly blessed Mahaperiyava Devotee,who has named his Gruham in Salem as ”Mahaperiyava Gruham” as requested by Mahaperiyava Himself.

Padukas of Mahaperiyava

Mahaperiyava Gruham Salem

SriRajagopala Mama is also blessed with a Paduka of Mahaperiyava,for which Sri Mama does elaborate pujas every day.

Pradosham Puja

I was lucky to be there on a Pradhosham(25/7/18)day..Since I was traveling,I thought 24th was Pradosham !I halted at Salem only to see this Mahaperiyava Gruham!But When I went to Sri Mama on the25th,he surprised me by telling ”’Today is Pradosham!”

Mahaperiyava Gruham Salem

Ramana Maharshi

I cdnt believe it..All His Grace.

I returned to Coimbatore and in my dream on that night,Mahaperiyava was asking me in a concert,a Mami was singing :”Do you know this Thalam?”

I said” I don’t know!”

Mahaperiyava Himself explained about the Thalam and asked me to learn it.The Mami was singing ‘Kamakshi…

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