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In software programing there are several approaches to building products.  The two most popular are the agile and waterfall methodologies.  Both methods are good.  Both methods have there place whereby they fit better than the others.  However, there is a disturbing trend happening whereby the agile method is being applied to every project, every task, every meeting, in fact – to everything.  This is wrong on so many levels.


In our fast paced world, the need for rapid development is obvious and the agile method accelerates the deployment of new code.  This is a good thing.  Often, some solutions only have a shelf life of less than three years, so the sooner you can get it to market the better.  Its operation lifespan is all that matters.  Since agile is an iterative process, the solution can be improved during its lifespan.  If we are building an iPhone app, then agile…

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