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The fact or fiction debate has never raged stronger than it is these days.  Social media is an opportunity to have a voice.  But, it needs to be an authentic voice.  In the world of fake news, there are way too many posts to count every day that offer ideas that have no basis in fact and are completely contrived.  They are built upon wild and unsubstantiated thoughts and ideas that someone simply decides are the ‘truth’.  At least, their ‘truths’.


In our every day business world, we face similar scenarios that taint, colour, or distort our business decision-making processes.  Separating the facts from the fiction is mission-critical to your success.  In retrospect, some of these myths seem silly and unbelievable, yet they are held to be true by many.  In business, people lock on to myths too.  They hold them very close and defend them at all costs, even…

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