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Cory Galbraith


I don’t know about you, but I’m becoming increasingly frustrated by a world that reacts to things, but doesn’t actually want to initiate anything.

Decisions bring responsibility, and many of us are afraid of that. Afraid of making a mistake. Of offending someone. Or of looking foolish, in an increasingly critical and judgmental society.

Best not to decide on anything. Do nothing and wait for something to happen.

In a recent blog post, marketing guru Seth Godin puts a lot of the blame on technology. He points out that we have audiobooks, self-driving cars, inboxes, google navigation and apps that are in our face – doing things for us, guiding us, and alerting us. We’ve become people who are “led” by gadgets. There really isn’t the need to think any more. Machines do it for us.

Godin goes as far as to say “The decline of our personal momentum might…

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