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The Reward of Leadership

Lead Today

Managing people might be the most difficult, least rewarding thing a person can attempt.

On the other hand leading people is actually far easier and way more rewarding. In fact, leading people is one of the most rewarding things anyone can ever do.

I don?t want to give anyone the impressive that leading others is easy, it?s just easier, far easier, than attempting to manage them. It?s easier because managing people is impossible. It?s impossible because people refuse to be managed.

People need and want leadership not management.

Leadership is about people while managing is about things. If you?re trying to manage people then you?re treating those people like things and that doesn?t work.

There are no doubt managers reading this who believe managing and leading are one and the same. I can only wonder how they have time to read anything considering how many problems they create for themselves…

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