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Actually, Winners Do Quit

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I saw one of those motivational posters the other day that said ?Winners Never Quit.? I?ve heard that for years. I?ve seen similar posters forever. The premise of the posters seems to be that if you quit you?re a loser.

Funny thing is, it?s not true. Winners actually quit all the time.

In fact, I?d submit that the fastest way to lose is to never quit. Not quitting is one of the biggest mistakes that less successful consistently make. They may try news things but they never completely quit the old things that hold them back.

The most successful people know that much of their success in the coming year will come from what they quit doing. They know that in many cases they will need to quit something old in order to try something new.

If you don?t believe that then invest one day, just one day, to exam…

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