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In any endeavor preparation is a key to success. That?s not exactly a profound statement because everybody knows that. But knowing that isn?t the challenge. Doing it is.

Preparation is the difference between being proactive and reactive. It is the difference between a stress inducing task and an anxiety free accomplishment. Preparation saves time and energy. Preparing for your day allows you to anticipate potential problems and have at least a limited plan for dealing with them.

Preparation is possibly the greatest confidence booster ever. When you invest some time in preparing, for a meeting, an interview, a sales call or a difficult conversation you speak more authoritatively. It appears as if you actually know what you?re doing and what you?re talking about. Imagine that.

Most people who don?t prepare claim that they don?t have the time. Well if time is a concern for you then that?s the very reason…

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