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The Ethics of Leadership

Lead Today

Here is one irrefutable fact about leadership: an organization and the bulk of the people who work in it will seldom be more ethical than the organization?s leadership.

When key leaders in an organization demonstrate less than ethical behavior it gives permission for the entire organization to behave the same way. (Think Wells Fargo for a current example)

Truly ethical leaders know that ethics are not a part time kind of thing. They don?t talk about business ethics or personal ethics, they simply talk and demonstrate ethics at all times. They know that you either are ethical all the time or you are not ethical. There is no in between.

Ethical leaders always do what?s right. There may be some dispute about exactly what ?right? is but they do what they believe is right. They do it regardless of the consequences. They don?t seek popularity, they practice ethics.

Ethical leaders…

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