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882 Hours to Succeed

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I remember several years ago a player on the Minnesota Timberwolves was quoted as saying that ?you can?t really expect someone to give a 100% effort for 48 minutes of each game for all 82 regular season games.?

Well…I kind of expected it. Especially considering he was making around $20 million dollars a year. But I did get his point, it?s hard to go full out all the time. No one can be at peak performance all the time. Too much ?stuff? gets in the way.

But here?s the thing, very successful people find a way to keep that ?stuff? to a minimum.

If you?re a professional salesperson as of May 28, 2019 you have only 882 selling hours, or what I call ?money hours? remaining this year. 882 hours to make or break your year. Here?s how I got to the 882 number. Depending on your industry, depending on…

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