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Empowerment is a term regarding a business management style where managers give staff members the power to make certain decisions within boundaries.

This is a definition of empowerment:

  • Empowerment is the process of enabling or authorizing an employee to think, behave, and take action, and control work and decision-making in autonomous way with the job tasks that have been given to them.

What does empowerment actually look like in the workplace and what are the benefits of giving it to employees and do you really give it to them?

According to Captain David Marquet the author of “Turn The Ship Around”, “People are already empowered.  What you, as a leader do, is give them the voice and authority to exercise the empowerment they naturally have.”

To sum it up, it is the state of feeling self-empowered to take control of one’s employment responsibilities.  Captain Marquet further states, “If it takes the boss…

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