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How Humble are You?

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I am likely the most humble person you will ever meet. That?s saying a lot because I?m also better at most everything I do than anyone else you?ve ever met.

In the interest of time let me say I?m great at everything, especially being humble.

Now that may not sound humble to some people but when you?re as awesome as I am even my humbleness looks like bragging.

Well…maybe not. I have to admit that was kinda fun to write but the truth is that my greatest real strength is that I?m incredibly average. That?s not me trying to be humble, it?s a measurable fact. From my height and weight, numbers of wives, (one) number of kids, (two) number of dogs, (two) I?m about as average as an average person can be.

I might be better at some stuff than others but others are better at some stuff than me…

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