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Sanskrit subhashitam



प्रियप्राया वृत्तिः विनयमधुरो वाचि नियमः
प्रकृत्या कल्याणी मतिरनवगीतः परिचयः।

पुरो वा पश्चाद्वा तदिदमविपर्यासित रसं
रहस्यं साधूनामनुपदि विशुद्धं विजयते॥

priyapraayaa vruttih vinayamadhuro vaachi niyamah

prakrutyaa kalyaaNee matiranavageetah parichayah

puro vaa pashchaadvaa tadidamaviparyaasita rasam

rahasyam saadhoonaamanupadhi vishuddham vijayate

Loving, polite and pleasing interaction with others, controlled speech, a heart which only thinks of the good of others, introduction which is not boastful, uniform behaviour before and after (when face to face or behind one’s back) – these are the secrets of pure, simple and saintly souls.

criticism of someone may be valid, but mouthing it to someone other than the person whom you’re criticizing is never to help that person improve, and therefore has great power to harm. Wield that power responsibly. Harm dealt to another person’s reputation is a grievous harm indeed.

“Slander or calumny” means to damage the good name of another person by lying.

“Respect for the reputation…

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