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The first step to change
is admitting there is a problem.
We must stop doing that which
is self-destructive.
How often we sabatoge
ourselves, knowing well what we do:
procrastinate, act without thinking,
over indulge in eating, become addicted to
work, alcohol, smoking, etc.
become lazy, lack self-discipline.
Our self-destructive behaviours
wreck havoc in our lives.

Steadfastness and humility
can move us from lives squandered,
to a path of peacefulness and joy.
We must put our pride away.
Ask for help to change.
Our Creator wants to see
us leading love-filled lives.
We need only ask to receive.


These Steps of Life are adaptations from the 12 Step programs.

Step #7–Humbly ask God to remove our short comings.

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