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Job Performance Reviews

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When working with managers I have found one area that many find difficult is conducting Job Performance Reviews. Over the past couple of months, I have compiled five key areas that cause managers to find doing performance reviews difficult.

  1. There are no “real” job descriptions
  2. Lack of a practical training program to teach the employee their job tasks and expectations
  3. Lack of daily, weekly or monthly training follow-up by manager/employer
  4. No requested input or training evaluation from the employee set in place
  5. No jointly designed set of performance objectives going forward, so employees know what future expectations are from them.

When you look at this list it is pretty amazing and I’m sure you are thinking, “How can you run a business if you do not train employees correctly?” One would think that this would be a top priority, but I can tell you from over 20 years of management…

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