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We need to work so we all want to stay healthy, especially during this time of bad flus and viruses.  There are certain way that we can help from spreading germs while at work.

Think about your workspace, if you are the only one using the space it is easier to keep it clean.  If you work in an office, restaurant or retail environment where you may interchange workstations throughout the day you may want to consider these 10 germ passing conditions that happen all of the time.

1. Answering phones.

2. Sitting on and sharing chairs and workstations.

3. Picking up a pen at the counter or desk.

4. Receiving paperwork, money or credit cards from customers.

5. Using copy machines or scanners.

6. Shaking hands, touching people, wheelchairs, walkers or canes.

7. Sharing break room eating space, touching the coffee pot, refrigerator, etc.

8. Sharing common bathrooms.


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