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Back in the 1950s there was developed a simple, yet effective, description of the psychological needs that drive an individual.

It’s called “The Needs Wheel”.

I was introduced to this concept when reading a book by Hyrum Smith, founder of the Franklin Planner and later Franklin Covey. His book “The 10 Natural Laws Of Successful Time And Life Management” devoted the fifth law to a life model based on the Needs Wheel.

The Needs Wheel was developed by Dr. Murray Banks and about a decade after Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs was published. It simplified the basic needs that drive human behavior into 4 core needs:

  1. The need to LIVE
  2. The need to LOVE AND BE LOVED
  3. The need to FEEL IMPORTANT
  4. The need to experience VARIETY

The observational theory behind the needs wheel is that while all four needs are essential to any person, each individual has a weighted…

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