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M. V. Kamath“Today we are living in a new world in which the United States wants to be seen and acknowledged as a Great Power with no one to challenge that status. And that calls for ridiculing every other segment of thought and action that even remotely challenges America’s self-anointed superiority. Among those segments of thought hails Hinduism, brighter than a thousand suns with its intrusion in all forms of thought and action, a religion which gave to mathematics the symbol of zero and to the mind, freedom to think in its myriad ways.” – M.V. Kamath

Indra's NetIt is one of the most inevitable facts of political life that when a nation enters the rank of a great or super power, it gets fancy ideas of its superiority in all fields, political cultural or religious. It happened to the Portuguese in the 16th century when they conquered Goa. They sought to ban…

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