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Maria Wirth“Are people in the West so intellectually deficient to believe that an irrational dogma, like “everyone has to join the Church to be saved” has anything to do with truth? Or do they denigrate Hinduism as they know that it has the capacity to trump the western belief systems and undermine their power if only there were a genuine debate on what we can know about the truth?” – Maria Worth

Bhagwa DwajaOccasionally I noticed that in western publications Hinduism was missing when religions were listed. Buddhism was there, without fail, but its mother so to speak was ignored. What could be the reason? About one billion human beings are Hindus. Hinduism is alive and vibrant. There is hardly another people who are as ‘religious’ and have so much faith in the Divine. Yet what they revere and hold dear is often considered ‘only’ a way of life.

However, the…

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