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Delusional Thinking

Great Middle Way

ippen2Samsara is delusional thinking.

Delusory attachments and blind passions have no reality.

To seek, in spite of this, to free yourself from birth-and-death

through discriminative reflections on good and evil,

taking this mind of delusory attachments and invertedness as your basis,

is utterly absurd. It is thinking that obstructs emancipation.

—Ippen Shonin

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#ThursdayThought – Rules vs. Relationships

Redefining Leadership

Rules, Relationship, and Respect – Balance The 3 R’s of Leadership

Body Language 78 Faking Emotions

Sometimes people will try to fake or disguise their emotions. I believe the hit rate for doing that successfully is pretty low. There are an infinite number of ways we send signals to other people without uttering any words. We lump it all under the term “Body Language.”

We may think that we can fool others into thinking we are happy when we are actually experiencing another strong emotion. When we do that, we send mixed signals that lower trust and tend to confuse people.

The number or permutations when trying to disguise emotions is so large, we cannot begin to explore a substantial portion in a brief article. I will just mention a few examples here to illustrate my point.

Human beings have a remarkable ability to sniff out conflicting signals. They may not be able to decode what the true emotion is, but they can sense when something…

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5 Easy Ways To Lead With Integrity

5 Easy Ways To Lead With Integrity

5 Easy Ways To Lead With Integrity

7 Ways To Lead Positively

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