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“The journey to greatness often begins the moment

our preferences for ease and comfort are overpowered by

your deep desires for challenge and contribution”

~ Brendon Burchard

This morning as I was filling out my planner for the day, I re-read this quote by Brendon Burchard that is in the front of my planner.  For some reason, today it made a bigger impression than it seems in the past.  As I wondered why, I realized that often times I desire “the preference of ease and comfort.”

Although, we do need times of rest and comfort they will not move us forward on the path that we choose for “greatness.”

Focus, mindset and action is what will take us to where we really want to go.  It takes discipline and determination and for me this is a daily challenge as things come up that cause me to get sidetracked.  Brendon teaches…

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