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Start With Happy Employees

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A couple years ago our practice found itself in the position of needed to hire a couple of new staff members. Now, the hiring process is not one of my favorite things to do because many times for one reason or another it doesn’t work out.

I had been told that it takes going through the hiring process 10 times before you find the right employee. I know that is not true if you use the correct process the first time which is taught by my friend Jay Henderson at

As an employer or manager you know how hard it is to keep your people happy all of the time. So, this time I thought, “I will find people who are already happy to hire.”

The interviews became fun as I asked questions about the candidates, hobbies, likes and dislikes. I could hear and observe if they sounded and…

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Decisions Can Be Difficult

Practical Practice Management A Division of Top Practices

Decisions can be difficult at times and we have so many to make each day from what to fix for dinner, what to wear to work, to what would l like my life path to be?

And now during the Covid Pandemic for many of us our work and our children’s schooling situations have brought on even more difficult decisions to make due to decisions that were made for us and out of our control.

Many decisions can be very stressful especially if they are life altering, such as a job change or large financial purchase. There are also difficult decisions we need to make about pursuing our dreams. Knowing that we may not get a second chance at something can either push us to pursueor stifle us to stop altogether.

I heard a speaker one-time state that making any decision can be made easier and you will feel good…

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What Will You Choose?

Practical Practice Management A Division of Top Practices

Wouldn’t it be great if we never had face difficult times in our life? Sometimes, when things have been going good for awhile I will wonder, “when is the stink bomb” (as my friend Rem Jackson calls them) going to hit? And what is it going to be?

Maybe, it’s because I am getting older and hopefully a bit wiser that I know if I choose the right attitude I will get through whatever the obstacle is.

I have been honored to have a wonderful mentor, My Aunt Dollie, who has taught me when we encounter things, good or bad, to look for the lesson to be learned from it.

Happiness is a choice, even during bad or difficult times. There always is a “silver lining” even though we may not see it for a long time, but if we choose at the time to look for some glimmer of…

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