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Yes, you read that right. I know the popular thinking says to try again but really, what?s the point. It?s terrible advice. Actually the popular thinking says to try and try again but that?s even worse advice.

If you want to succeed then stop when you fail. Stop until you can figure out a better plan and then and only then should you try again. It?s possible the failure was even caused by not having a plan at all.

I know planning isn?t fun for most people but it is an essential part of all long-term success. Successful people know that they aren?t ?spending? time when planning, they are ?investing? time.

Even when the plan fails they get a return on their investment. The return comes from being able to pinpoint the cause of the failure and build a better plan for their next attempt.

Despite what you may have…

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Emerson said, ?Every great institution is the lengthened shadow of a single person. An individual?s character determines the character of the organization.? Is your?s the shadow that Emerson was talking about?

If you?re in any leadership position you should know that you cast a large shadow on those who follow you. Your shadow can either shade them from difficulties or make their work environment a very dark place.

It all depends on the level of trust YOU create with your people.

Only 45% of 400 managers in a Carnegie-Mellon survey trusted their top management. A third distrusted their immediate bosses. I truly hope your people trust you but you can?t lead by merely hoping you?re trusted. You must work intentionally, every day, to earn the trust and respect of the people you lead.

That trust can only come from a consistent display of integrity. Your integrity comes from your actions…

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One of the most powerful ways to impact performance is through positive reinforcement. Supervisors who know how to reinforce right behavior and extinguish wrong behavior not only foster a better working environment for everyone, they improve all aspects of organizational life.

This article shines a light on how reinforcement works well in an environment of high trust but often backfires if trust is low.

Reinforcement when trust is high

In a culture of high trust, positive reinforcement works for many reasons. Here are four of them.

1. People appreciate the recognition

A supervisor who takes the time and energy to sincerely thank people who are doing a great job will find they respond positively to the praise. The recognition does not need to be tangible things, like theater tickets or a gift card. Often sincere praise and a simple “thank you” provide the means to sustain and enhance motivation.


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Kerala Veda PatashalaWhy do we always say that we want to contribute a ‘Small’ amount for Veda Patashalas or other charities? Why not a ‘Big’ amount? And, why are satisfied with this small one-time contribution? Why not make it regular? 

(Of course, a small amount is obviously better that ZERO amount, but still, why only small amounts for charities?)

If the amount contributed is less than the amount we spend on eating out in restaurants in a year, then we need to think twice.

If the amount contributed is less than the amount we spend on buying dresses for ourselves in a year, then we need to think twice.

If the amount contributed is less than the amount we spend on various parties, birthday events etc in a year, then we need to think twice.

If the amount contributed is less than the amount that gets wasted in a year, then we…

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Ramana Body2If so, where is the reflection of His body in the water? We can see the thick lines on the wall/door in the water but where is Ramana in the water?

It seems it was Music Prodigy Shri Ilayaraja who first pointed out this fact in the above picture.

Shared with me by my friend who likes to be anonymous always.


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India-SHRINGERI-SHARADAMBA-1970s-Hindu-God-poster-10It was an excruciatingly long day at Office yesterday July 12th, 2018 for me. And when I came home exhausted in the night, I had to deal with the tantrums thrown by my son. I gave up and went to sleep.

Early morning today July 13th I had loving darshans of Amman (whom I first thought was Sringeri Sharadamba) and then Sringeri Sharadamba too next…  When I woke up I realized She had given me darshan on a Friday. Shankara.

No more sleep after 3.30 am for me in that Bliss. (it was just 30 minutes earlier to my usual wake-up time of 4 am) 


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I had a blessed opportunity to have Darshan of Kanchi Mahaswamigal, Pudhu Periyavaa and Bala Periyavaa on the same stage during Their Chaturmaaasya Viradham at Kurnool in year 1984.

The event that preceded the Darshan is a miracle by itself. My mother lost her vaira mookkuththi Diamond nose stud in the swirling waters of Tungabhadra in Mantralayam. We searched for close to thirty minutes, but in vain. Resigning to the fact that we lost it for ever we prepared to leave.

The beautiful Tunga river in Sringeri taken a few days back:


A thought occurred to my mother that how she would have Darshan of Him without the mookkuththi. She prayed to Periyavaa for recovery of the mookkuththi. She then dipped her hand into the waters until her finger tips touched the rocks beneath. She found the Centre piece of the mookkuththi. And next to that was the other piece…

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