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Sage of Kanchi


Let us all do our sashtanga namaskaram to Periyava on His aradhana day. Although He is not in physical form today, He is practically there everywhere – Sarvavyabhi! As someone said, His siddhi gave Himself a status of not identifying Him only to Kanchipuram. He is interacting with all of us in different ways – those are His choices!! On this day, when we pray to Him, let us pray for all – not just for our own family – if we don’t, it simply means that we have not understood advaita – we are not Periyava bakthas! Let us do a special prayer for the young school children who were mercilessly killed by terrorist in Peshawar, Pakistan. Let Periyava give moksha to all those innocent souls.

Shri BN Mama has given us a wonderful painting on this special day with a very apt prayer. Thanks mama!

Hara Hara Shankara…

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