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Yesterday, I posted101 வாழிய நீர் நீடுழி and mentioned that it would be great if we could get that audio of M.S amma’s rendition. This morning I got an email with the file 🙂 Whether Periyava listens to my wishes or not, it seems Shivaraman does! Looks like I only need to do sankalpam and rest happens.

Jokes aside, sincere thanks to Sri Shivaraman for sending this file. It seems that this was recorded by Sri V Ravikumar, a devotee in Vijayawada but unfortunately this has only up to 82 verses and not full…Regardless, MS amma melts our heart with her singing!!! Sincere thanks to Sri V Ravikumar, Vijayawada for sharing this audio…

Pl note that I used some random images from my computer to accompany the audio….I did not spend much time to pick and choose images…

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara


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