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Business Broken Down

For many of us, the biggest hindrance to our progress and eventual success is our own selves. This often happens unconsciously, hence our tendency to blame our lack of progress and failure on something or someone else.

How many times have you heard someone complaining about-

“How they weren’t born into a rich family”
“How they didn’t receive quality education”
“How they don’t have the right connections”
“How they’ll never have enough capital to push their idea ahead”
“How their boss passed them over for a promotion.”

There’s always something or someone standing in their way. The thing is, these something’s and someone’s are always their own limitations.

Success is not predicated on the right set of circumstances from birth. Yes, it would be great to have rich parents, stellar schooling, and connections up the wazoo, but even for the few who are lucky to fall into these brackets, success…

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