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I was just reviewing the research section of The Ken Blanchard Companies’ website and I rediscovered a great item from last March that I wanted to highlight.  In open-ended questioning we did asking what are the biggest mistakes that leaders make 1,400 survey respondents identified that too often leaders either don’t communicate, overcommunicate, communicate inappropriately through outbursts, anger, or blaming, or simply don’t communicate clearly. In addition, leaders may fail to communicate the vision in a way that is meaningful, assuming that direct reports intuitively understand the direction of the company and their role in making this happen.

Providing inappropriate direction was the second most highly cited leadership mistake. Giving direction without involving others in the process, not seeking the feedback of others, and not empowering direct reports can cause frustration and lack of focus. In addition, using a generalized approach to direction rather than considering the person, task, and situation was cited…

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