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incentives are hard work post

I keep a file of all the articles I find about how to drive performance in organizations. Some are good. Some are horrible. Most are about 50% correct. Even this one will fall short of 100% because at the core what we all are addressing are human beings – who – by their very nature – are 100% inscrutable and unreliable. Just ask my wife.

Any discussion of human behavior has to start with the caveat – “Your mileage may vary. Wildly.”

I was skimming through my file of articles and ran into a discussion on LinkedIn by John Sumser who owns the HRExaminer site. The article entitled: “Recognize the Middle” ran back in February. John was riffing on the idea that recognition spread evenly across the organization can be a negative – too much too often can create an entitlement mentality and “burn out” ultimately decreasing the effectiveness of…

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