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UmbrellaEvery Friday there used to be ‘Sadas’ (Tharkam) at Kanchi Mutt, where learned scholars would debate on various topics and Sri Maha Periyava would give the final verdict. Then He would give ‘Sanmaanam’ to all the Pandits….

On one such day, there was an Iyengar Swamy from Chinna Kanchipuram. He offered his ‘Namaskarams’ to Periyava and accepted the money Periyava gave him, but his face showed that he was not very happy with it.

Periyava noticed it and asked him, “Enna, Iyengar Swamigale, santhosham dhane What, Iyengar Swamy, are you happy?” The Iyengar Swamy mumbled ‘Yes’ and left.

After a few more Pandits, it was the turn of the general public to offer pranams to Maha Swamigal. The first was an advocate with his family. He offered a plate full of flowers, fruits, cashews etc and said, “Periyava, a request…” Maha Periyava asked him to stay quiet and called a…

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